Connect to Oracle FastConnect

To connect to Oracle FastConnect:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Console and select the region you want.

  2. To create the Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), go to Networking, select Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), enter your options into the form, and click Submit. Wait for the DRG to be provisioned.

  3. To attach the DRG to a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), select your previously created DRG, then select Attach to Virtual Cloud Network.

    Note: Be sure this is associated with your desired VCN Compartment and VCN.

  4. Configure the VCN subnet route table to send traffic to DRG. Select Virtual Cloud Networks in the Networking and select your desired VCN in the Compartment.

  5. To create a connection, select Equinix: Fabric and click Next.

  6. Enter your information into the Connection form and click Continue.
  7. Copy to OCID in the Connection Created confirmation. The Virtual Circuit is now in the Pending Provider state.

  8. Log in to Equinix Fabric.

  9. From Connections, select Create Connection.

  10. Locate the Oracle Cloud card, click Select Service, then click Create Connection (Network Edge Device).

  11. Note: Remember that charges begin as soon as the connection request is submitted.

  12. Select a connection source and destination metro.

  13. Complete the connection request form and submit the order.

    Tip: You can use Fabric's API to automate or integrate this procedure. For more information, see Equinix Fabric API - Connect to Oracle.

  14. Complete the BGP setup in the Oracle Cloud Console.

    Configure your CPE to establish BGP session(s) with the DRG and exchange routes. Note that Oracle’s ASN is 31898 which is needed when setting up the BGP peering session.

    Here are some suggested steps:

    • Check that the BGP session is working. The session can be seen in your CPE or in the Oracle Console via the FastConnect VC state.

    • Check the received prefixes on your CPE.

    • Ping or trace the route to the DRG using the IP that was setup as the Oracle BGP Peer IP.

    • Ping or trace the route to the Bare Metal host or VM within Oracle Cloud.

    • Establish fail over testing to validate your network design as needed.

    You can confirm the connection status from the Connections Inventory page.