Plan Your Design

  • Identify your business needs
    You can use Equinix Fabric to connect between your own assets in different IBX data centers, or connect to Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and enable hybrid-cloud workloads and take advantage of cloud adjacency.

  • Assess your colocation footprint
    Equinix Fabric can help you improve your global network efficiency. Create high-speed, low latency connections between your assets no matter where they are across the globe. Use networks to optimize the number of connections needed if you're colocated in more than three IBX data centers.

  • Estimate your bandwidth requirements
    Determine the number of connections you plan to create along with bandwidth utilization, and select your ports options accordingly. Select port bandwidth that will satisfy your projected requirements, choose unlimited package if you plan to create multiple connections within the IBX.

  • Survey service providers
    Service providers are often present in different metros and IBX data centers. Check the latency information and connect to metros that ensure the best performance. Prefer local connections over remote for optimal performance.

  • Plan access to your services
    Plan how you want others to connect to you. Create a public service profile if you want any of the Fabric participants to be able to connect to you. Make the profile private and allow only select Equinix Platform participants to establish connections. Use service tokens to grant access to select partners.

What next?

See Planning Billing Accounts and Users.