Submit a Support Ticket

Purpose Equinix Fabric Support provides access to tools and expertise that enable the success and operational health of your Equinix Fabric solutions. All support plans provide access to customer service, documentation, and support forums.

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Submit a Support Ticket

  1. Log in to the Equinix Fabric portal.

  2. Click Support and select Support Ticket. All of the products and services you have will display.

  3. Click an issue type under the product or service for which you are experiencing an issue. For example, if you need help with an Equinix Fabric port, click Ports in the Equinix Fabric section.

  4. Enter as much information as you can regarding the product or service.

  5. In the Issue Type drop-down menu, select an issue type.

  6. Enter details and instructions. Be as specific as possible.

  7. Click Upload File(s) to include any relevant files.

  8. Add any additional information in the Additional Information (Optional) section

  9. Click Submit.

You can also submit a support ticket by clicking at the bottom of the page and selecting Submit Support Ticket.