About Equinix Fabric

Equinix Fabric lets you virtually connect to your customers, other Equinix customers, and other internet resources, securely and dynamically. You can expand and contract your network without worrying about physical infrastructure.

You can use Equinix Fabric to connect to:

  • Service Providers – Cloud, Network, and other service providers. Service providers give you different functionality such as defined permissions and network speeds. See Search Availability of Providers.
  • Enterprises – Other Equinix customers, vendors, and partners.
  • Myself – Another instance deployed within your company's Equinix Fabric deployment. See Connect to My Own Assets.
  • Your physical devices within an IBX data center. See Visit an IBX.

  • Your virtual resources on Equinix Metal.

  • Your virtual devices such as routers, firewalls and SD-WAN gateways available on Network Edge.

  • Your subscription-based timing services on Equinix Precision Time.

Sample Use Case

See how a service provider can add value for your customers and control for you.

One of our most popular connections is through AWS. This example demonstrates the advantages of using Fabric to connect to AWS.

How to Use a Service Provider – AWS Example

Using Equinix Fabric to connect to AWS has many benefits compared to simple internet or VPN connections:

  • Reduced network costs

  • Increased bandwidth through-put

  • Reduced latency

  • Increased security

See AWS Direct Connect for specific instructions on connecting to AWS using Equinix Fabric.

See Equinix Fabric Service Providers for a comprehensive list of service providers you can connect to with Equinix Fabric.

For examples on many other ways to use Equinix Fabric, see Fabric Use Cases.