Internet Connection with Network Edge Virtual Devices

Equinix Internet Access offers users a virtual connection to the internet from their Network Edge devices. By signing into the Fabric portal or running public API commands, users can set up and configure Internet Access service within a few minutes, enabling them to reach partners, employees, or customers to support operational applications and drive revenue.

In addition, Internet Access is now available with global billing. If you use an Equinix global billing account, you can purchase Internet Access across multiple countries with a single currency.


  • You must have an active login account on the Equinix Fabric portal.

  • Your organization must be onboarded to an Equinix CRH/AM Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.

  • You must have a provisioned Network Edge device available, such as a firewall, router, WAN, or other virtual device.

  • You can now use a billing account with a Purchase Order (PO) to set up your Internet Access service over Network Edge:

    • Your PO must be valid (non-expired), the type must be Blanket, and more than 0 value must be available.

    • Category is Interconnection (or All).

    • Location includes the IBX where the device is connected (or All Locations).

    For more information about creating a PO for Internet Access with Network Edge, see Purchase Order Management.

    Note: You can now use Equinix global billing to order Internet Access with Network Edge devices. For more information, see Billing Account Management.

  • Multiple locations are available in AMER, EMEA, and APAC to host Network Edge devices. For a complete list of countries and metros, see Metro Availability for Network Edge.

Supported Configurations

Equinix Internet Access with Network Edge devices is currently supported on the following configurations:

  • Single or dual connections on Network Edge devices, including a single independent connection for each device in a cluster pair or a redundant pair. End-to-end resilient secondary (redundant) connections are supported for clusters and redundant devices.

  • Fixed bandwidth billing. For more information about this account type, see Billing.

    Note: Internet Access service results in a separate invoice. This is different from the single invoices that are generated for Network Edge devices and virtual connections.

  • Selectable minimum bandwidth commitment.

  • Static, direct, and BGP routing protocol.

In addition, Equinix will provide:

  • Internet or WAN-facing IPv4 /30 and IPv6 /64 addresses at no additional charge.

  • Additional IP addresses for the local area network, at an additional charge. These addresses are mandatory for static and BGP configurations, and optional for direct routing. Available subnets are:

    • IPv4 /30 to IPV4 /24

    • IPv6 /64 and /48

  • Optional additional subnets , for direct routing protocol.

Fabric Portal

See Order Internet Access with Network Edge Virtual Devices for instructions. Once you submit the order, your new internet service is provisioned automatically and installed immediately after you place the order. Your new connection can be viewed in the Fabric Connections Inventory dashboard.

API Commands

For instructions about using APIs to order Internet Access with Network Edge devices, see Order Equinix Internet Access with Network Edge.

Once you run the API commands, the internet service is available immediately. And within minutes, your new connection is visible in the Fabric Connections Inventory dashboard.