Internet Connection with Fabric

Equinix Internet Access offers Fabric users a virtual connection to the internet. You can use the Fabric portal or public API commands to set up and configure your new internet service.

In addition, Internet Access is now available with global billing. If you use an Equinix global billing account, you can purchase Internet Access across multiple countries with a single currency.


  • You must have an active Equinix Fabric port.

  • Your organization must be onboarded to an Equinix CRH/AM Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.

  • You cannot use a billing account that requires a purchase order (PO). Currently, billing accounts that require POs (also known as PO bearing accounts) can’t be used to place orders for Internet Access with Fabric.

    Note: You can now use Equinix global billing to order Internet Access with Fabric. For more information, see Global Billing Account.

  • Your Fabric port must be located in one of these supported metros:

    AMER Region
    AT – Atlanta, U.S.
    CH – Chicago, U.S.
    CL – Calgary, Canada
    DC – Ashburn, U.S.
    HO – Houston, U.S.
    KA – Kamloops, Canada
    LA – Los Angeles, U.S.
    LM – Lima, Peru
    MI – Miami, U.S.
    MT – Montreal, Canada
    NY – New York, U.S.
    RJ – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    SE – Seattle, U.S.
    SP – São Paulo, Brazil
    ST – Santiago, Chile
    SV – Silicon Valley, U.S.
    TR – Toronto, Canada
    VA – Vancouver, Canada
    WI – Winnipeg, Canada

    APAC Region
    HK – Hong Kong
    MB – Mumbai, India
    ME – Melbourne, Australia
    OS – Osaka, Japan
    PE – Perth, Australia
    SG – Singapore
    SY – Sydney, Australia
    TY – Tokyo, Japan

    EMEA Region
    AM – Amsterdam, Netherlands
    BA – Barcelona, Spain
    DB – Dublin, Ireland
    FR – Frankfurt, Germany
    GV – Geneva, Switzerland
    HE – Helsinki, Finland
    HH – Hamburg, Germany
    IL – Istanbul, Turkey
    LD – London, U.K.
    LS – Lisbon, Portugal
    MA – Manchester, U.K.
    MD – Madrid, Spain
    ML – Milan, Italy
    MU – Munich, Germany
    PA – Paris, France
    SK – Stockholm, Sweden
    SO – Sofia, Bulgaria
    ZH – Zurich, Switzerland

Supported Configurations

Equinix Internet Access service with Fabric currently supports the following configurations:

  • Single port or single connection

  • Fixed billing account

  • Flexible minimum bandwidth commitment

  • Static, direct, and BGP routing protocol

In addition, Equinix will provide:

  • Internet or WAN-facing IPv4 /30 and IPv6 /64 addresses

  • Optional additional IPv4 /30 to IPV4 /24, and IPv6 /64 and /48, for customer devices

If you signed up for Internet Access services during the trial period, your service automatically updated to a paid service for the same configuration for the price that was shown when you signed up.

Internet Access with Remote Fabric Ports

A remote port can be used by customers who aren’t co-located in an IBX data center, but instead, use network service providers (NSPs) with Equinix Fabric to connect from their location to an IBX.

The following diagram shows two configurations using Internet Access to connect to remote Fabric ports. The customer on the left side of the diagram uses their own IP addresses, and the customer on the right uses IP addresses assigned by Equinix.

Fabric Portal

See Order Internet Access Using the Fabric Portal for instructions. Once you submit the order with the Fabric portal, your new internet service is available immediately after you place the order, and your new connection can be viewed in the Fabric Connections Inventory and the Internet Access Inventory dashboards.

API Commands

For instructions about using APIs to order services with Fabric, see Order Equinix Internet Access with Fabric.

Once you run the API commands, the internet service is available immediately. And within minutes, your new connection is visible in the Fabric Connections Inventory dashboard and in the Internet Access Inventory dashboard.