ECX Fabric 6.5 Release Notes

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Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric 6.5 (available as of October 7, 2019) delivers a set of new features over its predecessor ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection 6.4. Details on the new features are listed in the Release Summary section below.

Release Summary

This release broadly increases the breadth of Cloud Exchange Fabric's capabilities through the following features:

  • Increased ECX Fabric Portal Availability

  • ECX Fabric Name Change

  • Implement Micro-Surveys for Customer Feedback

  • Improved Customer Notifications

  • Permissions Enhancements – Grouping and Enabling the Network Edge/Reseller/CSP Use Case

  • External APIs for Quoting and Pricing

  • NAL Integration (High Availability)

  • Removal of AWS Security Credentials


Increased ECX Fabric Portal Availability

This release includes enhancements that increase the portal availability and minimize both planned and unplanned downtime.

The goal is to provide a portal capability that is reliable and available to our customers so they can be confident that ECX Fabric and the portal can be a key part of their infrastructure. The target measure is 99.9% availability (three nines), which equals 4.32 min of allowed unavailability per month.

By achieving three nines of availability (99.9%), we will build customer confidence in our product and platform and eliminate the need for planned downtime notifications.

ECX Fabric Name Change

With this release, all instances of the product name in the portal have been changed from "Cloud Exchange" to "ECX Fabric." This change makes the portal consistent with a similar change in Siebel (also part this release).

Implement Micro-Surveys for Customer Feedback

To help guide our product development and improvement efforts, the product management team has implemented Qualtrix micro-surveys to gather customer feedback about the product.

This survey data allows us to analyze and better understand where we are good and where we need to improve, mainly around the experience in those critical customer value moments. The Qualtrix tool is configured to manage the frequency of presenting the survey, balancing how often a user receives a survey and gathering a meaningful amount of responses.

Improved Customer Notifications

This new feature introduces a notifications bar to the top of the page within the portal. These notifications include:

  • Downtime notifications

  • Portal upgrade notifications

  • Information about upcoming releases

  • Other communications

Permissions Enhancements – Grouping and Enabling the Network Edge/Reseller/CSP Use Case

Over the next few releases, we will be adding some Permissions model enhancements. This set of enhancements has the primary objective of eliciting feedback from customers on the overall RBAC framework and user interface. In an effort to mitigate risks, we only included L3 Service profiles as the one resource that could have RBAC permissions assigned, and addressed a partial list of use cases spanning customer needs across multiple verticals.

External APIs for Quoting and Pricing

With this change, ECX Fabric resellers gain the ability to know the price of a connection, allowing them to quote it to a potential customer or obtain the price of a connection prior to ordering it.

NAL Integration (High Availability)

This feature allows for the handling of concurrent requests while generating RD/RT/Sub-interface sequences and includes service profile performance tuning (taking 4 seconds to load in SV and 8 seconds across regions).

Removal of AWS Security Credentials

This change impacts scenarios where the AWS API is unavailable. With this change, AWS security credentials are stored so that users don’t have to re-enter AWS credentials multiple times to accept a hosted connection. This fix encrypts both the AWS secret and access keys while saving them into the database.