Release 6.3

Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric's ECX 6.3 May 13th, 2019 release delivers a set of new features over its predecessor release ECX 6.2.

Release Summary


Audit Logs

This feature will allow Master Administrators the ability to request historical data for their user’s activities. Customers will have the option to see audit logs at their own company level, or at a specific user level or for their sub-accounts as well. Some of the events that are logged include: User Portal login, Username, Date & time, Source IP address, Unique transaction ID, old and new values for create/edit/delete connection, component(s) and/or service profile, ordering, deletion or modification of port activities, etc.

  • Only Customer Master Administrators are authorized to receive audit logs

  • Audit logs can be requested in one of 3 forms for a given date range: by Organization name, by user name or by component UUID

  • The Audit Log date range is constrained to a period of 1 year prior to the request date. However, the date range cannot begin before the date the feature was introduced

  • Audit logs will be delivered via email

Multi-Factor Authentication

This feature can be requested to be activated optionally by a Customer Master Administrator, and will apply to multiple Equinix portals simultaneously. The feature enables an extra layer of security, by requiring authentication via a token on a registered secondary device, in addition to regular login credentials.

Cross Portal Single Sign On

This feature covers portals including ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection Portal, Equinix Customer Portal, and Internet ExchangeEquinix Internet Exchange enables customers to exchange internet traffic through public peering on the largest peering platform in the world Portal. This single sign on enables customers to navigate between multiple Equinix Portals they have permissions to via a single authentication.

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Bandwidth Resizing

This feature delivers the ability to increase the speed/bandwidth allocation for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connections without the need to delete and recreate those connections. Bandwidth resizing support for other Cloud Service Providers will be planned and delivered in a future release.

API Playground

This feature replaces the current ECX API playground with an environment that gives customers the ability to test their APIs in a "production-like" environment and to test connectivity all the way through to the various Cloud Services Providers. This environment facilitates testing and integration with ECX APIs so that customers can perform end to end testing of all subscriber and provider scenarios using ECX public APIs. Account and inventory set up will be the same as the production environment. There will be no billing implications. Customers will be provided with a default set of ports to test all functionalities that exist in production.

Online Port Ordering

Customers can now order physical ports online in ECX Portal and in Unified Equinix Customer Portal (UECP). Access "Order a Port" through the new global navigation header from the "Ports" dropdown menu. In addition, customers can order new ports, LAG ports and redundant pairs of ports. Our new multi-page flow is designed for the smoothest customer experience. You can also be able to view order status and history after an order is submitted. Pricing for ports will display during the order process.