Release 6.0.2

Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric's ECX 6.0.2 patch deployment on September 13th, 2018 delivers a set of bug fixes over its predecessor release ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection 6.0.

Release Summary

This release delivers a significant performance enhancement (factor of >20X) in the portal’s user experience. Specifically, this enhancement significantly improves load time for dashboard and inventory pages power users with large numbers (>1000) of cloud exchange connections.

Key features to access specific details in ports and connections by searching for names and service keys are also included. Read on for a full list of features and capabilities delivered in this release.

2.1 Dashboard/Inventory Page load time enhancements

The Inventory and Connections pages now load faster for power users with a high volume of incoming and outgoing connections. Highlights of these inputs include:

  1. New Inventory summary

    The API was built to calculate connections count to display calibrated granular information including:

    • Active incoming connection

    • Active outgoing connection

    • Pending incoming connection

    • Pending outgoing connection

    • Pending to be approved by other enterprise user

    • Active outgoing subscriptions

    Some key functionality considerations are:

    Outgoing connections should originate from user ports and incoming connections to terminate on the service providers's service profile. Exceptional flow was built into new API to handle faulty account structure for L2 connections only.

  2. New Inventory snapshot API was designed and developed to support inventory filters and goes by connection's name pattern based search inputted by the user. By default, 100 recent connection names are fetched on user inputs. A debounce technique has been employed to reduce server load; the browser waits for 250ms post user keys in text into connection name filter before it fires an API call to the backend.

  3. New Inventory GET API was designed and developed to fetch consolidate connections based on different filters/query strings such as:

  4. UI integration with new Inventory and Summary APIs. A new option to include incoming connections with outgoing connections has been introduced. Now, the ECX Fabric portal by default shows outgoing connections only and incoming connections can be viewed via interaction with "Include Incoming Connections".

  5. Now Azure logo shows on outgoing and incoming connection cards (was missing in previous release).

  6. "Max lock per transaction" & "Shared memory" configurations are upgraded from 64 to 512 on database.

2.2 Customers are able to edit Service Profiles

Customers were previously unable to edit their service profiles due to lacking permission to access all the ports onboarded to their service profile. With this change, service profile organization ports are fetched instead of user permission ports during the edit process.

Accounts now accurately display ports by sub account level.

2.3 Asia locations are now shown in the Azure ExpressRoute service profile card

The service profile card shows region and metros availability based on enterprise users port/metro presence. With this fix, the service profile card now shows all regions/metros where the profile is available for business.

2.4 Release primary VLAN on secondary connection's duplicate VLAN issue

When Azure VC is created for primary and secondary connections, it should either reserve VLAN on both Primary and Secondary or not reserve at all.

In this case, initially, the VC was created with the correct BuyerA buyer is a user who connects to an available service through ECX. A buyer can be an enterprise end customer of the seller service or an aggregator, managed service provider, network service provider or system integrator company that bundles its service offerings with ECX. VLAN on Primary and Duplicate on Secondary. The Primary port VLAN ID was reserved during this attempt.

When the same VC creation process is repeated, the error message: “Connection has duplicate buyer-side VLAN ID for primary port or the same VLAN ID is in the process of being deleted and should be freed up soon.” now displays.

The fix releases the primary VLAN when the secondary duplicate VLAN reservation fails.

2.5 Search ports by name on inventory page's port tab

The ability to filter connections and ports by port name in inventory was not functional and has been fixed now by limiting connections push from server to client side.

2.6 Error on Inventory page post selection of deleted routing instance

When an Equinix user goes to Inventory, then tries to select a deleted RI using the View As functionality, the RI record was being opened. After clicking on the RI record more than once, a system error would occur. The fix validates deleted RI before reloading the inventory page.

2.7 Search by Service key on Inventory page

Filter connections by service key was not functional. The logic of filtering connection by service key is moved from UI to backend APIs and is now functional.

2.8 Purchase Order Number validation <=30 characters

Orders were failing for ones that had Purchase Order number validation greater than 30 characters. New validation has been put in place to restrict Purchase Order numbers above 30 characters.

2.9 Two right hand vertical scroll bars shown on connection modal popup

Background scrolls were being disabled when foreground connection model pops out. This issue is now resolved.