Service Profile Visibility Settings

Public Service Profiles

A public service profile allows any ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection user to view their service profile and create a connection to it. Public service profiles are listed on ECX Fabric API Web Services and the Equinix external website to showcase availability of service providers for customers and prospects alike.

Once created, public profiles are submitted to Equinix for approval. Upon approval, they are available in the ECX Fabric portal for other ECX Fabric users to view and connect.

Note: Approval of public profiles should happen within 24 hours.

Private Service Profiles

A private service profile allows an ECX Fabric user to view and connect to your service profile only if the user has been granted permission by allow-listing the email address in the optional details section.

Private service profiles are typically established while creating virtual connections between ECX Fabric global locations that are part of your company’s WAN.

Note: You can create a private service profile if you want to separate traffic based on port locations between your internal company’s network traffic and incoming customer connection requests.

Edit Service Profile Settings

Service profiles can be made private or public at any time. To edit the visibility settings of your service profile:

  1. Log in to the ECX Fabric Portal.

  2. Go to My Company and click My Service Profiles.
  3. Locate the service profile you wish to edit and click View/Edit Service Profile.

  4. In the Optional Details section, click Edit.
  5. To make a public profile private, select the Set as Private Profile checkbox in the Private ConnectionConnection is a general term that refers to any solution that results in the ability to pass data from one point to another. Connections can be made with Layer 2 or Layer 3 technology, may involve several parts or components and can be created from the portal or with APIs in a variety of ways. section.
  6. To make a private profile public, de-select the Set as Private Profile checkbox in the Private Connection section.
  7. Click Save.