Service Profile Overview

Create and manage your service profiles from the My Company page. Service profiles allow you to define how customers will connect to your services.

When you create a service profile, the profile displays in the My Company page. Once Equinix accepts the request, the service becomes available.

Note: The service will be listed or unlisted depending on whether you created a public or private service profile.

Public service profile

A public service profile is listed and open to the public allowing anyone to connect to your services. Through the public service profile, you create the connection requirements for your customers. Once Equinix accepts the public service profile, your service becomes available to the customers. To connect to a public service profile, you must gain approval to establish a connection.

Private Service Profile

A private service profile remains unlisted until you grant access to a customer. Customers must send an email request first to connect to the service profile. By default, all users under your organization can edit this private service profile.

Through the private service profile, you can create connections through a private request from outside of your organization. Once Equinix accepts the private service profile, you can share your private profile to select organizations through email request permission. You can also select your private profile to enable a private connection to yourself. A lock icon appears on the service profile card to indicate it is a private profile.