View and Edit Service Profiles

To view and edit service profiles:

  1. Go to My Company, and select View Service Profiles.
  2. Select a service profile and click the View/ Edit button. The service profile details appear.

    • The service profile details are presented in blocks based upon the original selections made when you created the profile.
    • When you want to make changes, select the Edit link in the block.
    • Make the necessary modifications and save your changes.

Important: Any changes made to the service profile impacts future remote connections. ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection preserves all existing remote connections provisioned to your service profile with the original parameters prior to any changes made.

Note: As a CSP, you need to consider how revisions affect customers. Unlike service profile creation, service revisions don't go through the Equinix approval process. Subsequently, you need to provide migration or upgrade plans for features which have been removed, changed or added.