Getting Started

Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection™) connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems globally on Platform Equinix®.

Direct interconnection improves the working of Enterprise Hybrid and Multi-cloud Performance in the following ways:

  • Solves digital disruption with interconnection-first strategies
  • Provides a private network connection
  • Boosts cloud application performance, reduce latency, and improve scale, network control, and visibility to deliver a quality cloud experience to the end users
  • Delivers improved scalability that enables your enterprise to increase bandwidth, geographical accessibility, and easily grow the number of connected clouds within your network infrastructure
  • Controls network connections at a granular level by enabling you to modify them through a portal or APIs

For a detailed list of providers in your area see ECX Fabric Provider Availability.