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You can manage your ports and connections in the Inventory. Your portal activity determines what you view in your Inventory. You can view your outgoing connections, incoming connections and remote connections.

The Inventory provides details for creating and viewing advanced and customized features like:

  • Connections

  • Ports

  • Routing Instances

  • Connectors

  • Subscriptions

  • IP Blocks

Set Port Bandwidth Threshold Alert

  1. Go to Inventory dashboard, and click Set Port Bandwidth Threshold Alert.

    You can set up an email alert to notify specific contacts within your company if any of your ports have total connections purchased that reaches or exceeds the threshold percentage.

  2. Enter the percentage limit of the bandwidth using only whole numbers.

    You can set the percentage limit of bandwidth as well as enter the email addresses of the recipients for this alert.

  3. Click Save to activate the alert.

    Once you set the threshold details, you can edit the threshold percentage and change the email alert recipients, as required.