Inventory Overview

This article highlights the key features of the “Inventory” page.

Inventory Page

The Inventory page is where you manage your ports and connections. Your portal activity determines what you see on the Inventory page.

This page provides details for creating advanced and customized features, including routing instances, connections, subscriptions, IP blocks and ports with providers using the Layer 3 solution.

From the Inventory page, you have tabs to the following components:

  • Connections

  • Ports

  • Routing Instances

  • Connectors

  • Subscriptions

  • IP Blocks

Learn more in this quick video overview:

Inventory Header

Your inventory header provides a heads-up summary of your active ports, active connections and total utilization percentages. From this page, you can also set a port threshold alert and create a connection.

Filter Bar

Located above the card collection, the filter bar contains a few useful filter options (e.g., text fields, selectors and button bar options) to sort and narrow your search results.

Your ports and connection collection cards are grouped below the filter bar on the Inventory page by default. Select a card to expand the details.

List View And Card Collection

By default, your ports and connections are displayed in list view. Toggle between list view or card collection on the right side next to the Remote Connections Only checkbox. Each row or card visually represents one of your Connections or available ports. An individual card or row contains overview information and serves as an entry point to further details. To view the ConnectionClosedConnection is a general term that refers to any solution that results in the ability to pass data from one point to another. Connections can be made with Layer 2 or Layer 3 technology, may involve several parts or components and can be created from the portal or with APIs in a variety of ways. or port details, click the card or row.

Connection Card

A connection card conveniently displays information important to that connection.


Port Card

A port card conveniently displays information important to that port.