Ports are either physical or virtual interfaces through which traffic flows to and from ECX FabricClosedECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection. In most cases, it is identical to the other ports you work with via ECX Fabric for most other needs. Customers procure ports globally at Equinix data centers, and then use ECX Fabric to interconnect with service providers, other ECX Fabric participants and their own networks.

You access the Ports section by navigating to your Inventory page and clicking the Ports tab.

Manage your Ports

To find a port, go to the Search Ports by Name text field and enter the name of the port you want to locate. The handy autocomplete function helps you narrow down the list.

The filter bar contains a number of useful options so that you can sort and narrow your search results. You can sort your ports based on: location, name and date created. To sort your results, simply click the drop-down for each category.

Port Utilization Statistics

Users can view the utilization of a port by selecting that port from the inventory view. Once selected, the utilization details can be found in the upper right corner of the page. The user will be able to see outbound (egress) and inbound (ingress) utilization, maximum and averages for either pre-determined time periods (ex. Last 7 days, last one month, last three months) or they can specify custom data ranges. Data is displayed in a graphical format.

Data is currently available for the preceding three months – beyond that utilization data must be requested through the Equinix NOCClosedNetwork Operations Center.