IP Blocks

IP blocks allow enterprise customers to procure a public IP address block (/29) from Equinix for Layer 3 cloud services. Equinix-allocated IP blocks can be used for on-premises resource configuration, firewall configuration or NAT to cloud service providers (CSP), which provide public addressing.

To access the IP Block section, navigate to your Inventory page and click the IP Blocks tab.

Manage your IP Blocks

Each IP block card shows the location where the block has been assigned to, and its status. Since you can have only one IP Block per location, there are no sort or filter functions on this page.

Request an IP Block

To launch the window showing eligible locations, click Request Block of IP Addresses. Click on a location to select it, then click Request IP Block to submit the request. A notification appears to indicate your request is successful. A new card appears in the inventory that shows Being Provisioned for the status.

Release an IP Block

Equinix-allocated IP addresses can be returned when no longer in use so that they can be recycled. If you no longer want to use a location’s IP block, from the IP block card, click Release IP Block. A messages asks you to confirm this action. Once you confirm, a notification appears to indicate your request is successful.