Connections Overview

A connection is the primary business object that connects two points together, such as ports or routing instances. It is similar to the connections you find in Layer 2 services.

You access the Connections section by navigating to your Inventory page and clicking the Connections tab. When you select Inventory, the Connections tab displays by default.

To find a ConnectionClosedConnection is a general term that refers to any solution that results in the ability to pass data from one point to another. Connections can be made with Layer 2 or Layer 3 technology, may involve several parts or components and can be created from the portal or with APIs in a variety of ways., in the Search Connections text field, enter the name of the Connection you want. The handy autocomplete function helps you narrow down the list.

The filter bar contains a number of useful options so that you can sort and narrow your search results. You can sort your Connection cards based on: location, status, name, date created, origin and destination. To sort your results, you simply click the drop-down for each category.

Manage your Connections

An individual card contains overview information and serves as an entry point to further details. If you want to view the connection, you simply click the card.

The window shows additional information about the Connection, as well as a visual illustration of the components. The diagram shows three items (from left to right): Connection details, Port details, and the service provider it is connected to. You can view the information of the Connection and Port details by clicking their respective cards.

Delete Connection

From this window, you have the option to delete the Connection. Click Delete Connection at the bottom of the window. A message asks you to confirm your decision. Once you confirm, a notification appears to indicate your request is successful. The status on the Connection card icon changes to “Being Deprovisioned.” As a result, you can no longer use this Connection.

Note: Connections cannot be created in the Inventory page. To ensure that you have configured all the necessary network elements, refer to the Create a Connection article.

Outage Notifications

If there is an outage associated with any API-integrated Cloud Service Providers, an email will be sent out to customers with the affected connections. This includes issues regarding provisioning or de-provisioning connections, to better allow customers to work around any problems that may arise.