What is Explore?

Explore provides the ability for ECXF users to search for and discover public Company Profiles, Service Profiles, Company Contacts, ECXF port locations and more. Explore is accessed from the dashboard.

This powerful search tool allows enterprise customers to discover and connect with service providers important to their digital supply chain.

Categorical Search

Explore provides categorical search functionality. For example, if a user is interested in discovering all instances where “VoIP” occurs in the portal they can conduct a general search or have the option of searching by category.

Service Tags

Categorical search is particularly powerful when it comes to searching for service tags within Services. Any public Company Profile that has service tag that matches the search value will be displayed.

Learn more about service tags in Company Profile.

Suggested Services

If a user wishes to quickly access all public Company Profiles and available public Service Profiles within a service category there are several "Suggested Services" categories.