Equinix Customer Types


BuyersClosedA buyer is a user who connects to an available service through ECX. A buyer can be an enterprise end customer of the seller service or an aggregator, managed service provider, network service provider or system integrator company that bundles its service offerings with ECX./Enterprise customers are directly connected to Equinix Cloud Exchange. They manage their own accounts. They create new connections, view and delete their connections on the ECX FabricClosedECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection Portal.

Seller/CSP (Cloud Service Providers)

SellersClosedA seller is a user who makes their services available to end customers through ECX. This guide refers to sellers for shorthand, but ECX generally regards a “seller” as an activity rather than a static person./CSPs provide their services through Cloud Exchange Fabric to resellers or Network Service Providers (NSPs) and Enterprises.

Reseller/NSP (Network Service Providers)

Resellers or network service providers (NSPs) are customers who purchase the services from Equinix and resell to their customers.

Reseller and sub-account support and port-level permissions have been added to the ECX Fabric Portal. On the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), a reseller can add the customer account as a “sub-account". This customer will be a non-billable customer. Therefore, all the connections created from a sub-account will be billed to the reseller. Port-level permissions enable all customers to manage access to port viewing and connection ordering. The reseller has the ability to assign ports to the sub-accounts.

The master reseller administrator assigns account type, users and user type in the ECP. In the ECX Fabric Portal, a sub-account user can view, order and delete connections. A reseller can also order and delete a connection on behalf of the sub-account user. The user must be able to view only the ports for which they have been granted permission.

In the ECX Fabric Portal, the NSP master administrator can view all the connections created by the NSP using the persona switch. In addition, a NSP can view, order and manage the connections using the sub-account persona.

When a reseller views as a sub-account, he or she sees only those ports assigned to the account. However, viewing as self will result in viewing all ports, but not the connections belonging to other sub-account users.