IP Block Details

The IP Block component grants the user rights to use a small allocation of IPv4ClosedVersion 4 of the IP protocol providing 32-bit addresses. For standards reference, please see http://www.ietf.org/ rfc/rfc791.txt public addresses for a variety of purposes. Customers can request a metro-specific /29 (for a total of 6 usable addresses when user assumes 1 for network and 1 for broadcast address) public IPv4 subnet on CXP for use with their on-premise resources used in hybrid deployments (private IT and public cloud deployments) over ECX FabricClosedECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection. This block can also be used to setup NAT within on-premise resources in the customer network, such as a firewall, and the ECX Fabric will recognize and accept these addresses.

Once an IP block is requested, it belongs exclusively to that customer account in Equinix records and remains until a user with appropriate permissions deletes or “revokes” that IP block. At that point, the addresses go back into the pool and no entity is permitted to use them. They can and will be used by other services.

Customers typically use these addresses in conjunction with Layer 3 “routed” services to conduct peering – but customers may also use it for their Layer 2 services where a provider requires the customer to advertise public IP routes to them.

Layer 2 Type Service

It is important to note that when Equinix IP Blocks are used with Layer 2 type services, the ongoing use, BGPClosedBorder Gateway Protocol. A standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information between autonomous systems on the internet status, and maintenance of that peering is transparent to Equinix, because the peering relationship is then between the customer’s edge/premise device and the provider’s router – Equinix devices do not participate at Layer 3 in that case.

Some providers may require additional steps in order to use our IP Blocks, such as:

  • Using a public BGP ASN with the IP Blocks: since you cannot advertise the same ASN that the original block belongs to, we recommend you either procure an ASN in your companies name from a common Regional Internet Registry such as ARIN, APRICOT, or RIPE; or you work with the provider to allow use of a private ASN you can advertise from. In some case, the provider may need to manually approve your request for alternate ASN.

  • If the provider seeks evidence of your lease of the Equinix IP Block you are advertising, you can contact the Equinix NOCClosedNetwork Operations Center and request a “Letter of Authorization” be generated on your behalf by opening a ticket to request and track it. The Equinix Operations team will generate the letter from a template and send it to the requested email address/es.

You must comply at all times with both Equinix’s stated IP addressing and routing guidance, as well as any rules set forth by the provider for the same. Any failure to do so could result in immediate revocation of the IP addresses being misused. These rules are detailed in our ECXF contract and Acceptable Use Policy. If you are not familiar with the AUP, you can find it by clicking below.

Note: Charges apply while an IP Block is reserved and rented. Charges effectively end when the IP Block is deleted or revoked.

IP Blocks are not offered to sub-accounts or their users at this time.

For more information, download the ECX Fabric Data Sheet.