Managing And Viewing ECX Services


Managing your existing services is done through the same tools (ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection Portal or API) as with all other activities. Users can gain access to the current state of any service, connection or component, can see performance information about many components and can operate on or change them as well (covered in the next section).

In the portal, there are two places to view your inventory: the Connections tab or the Components tab. Each has different functions.

For example, many connection requests (especially those built at Layer 2 from the create... section) can be found in the Connections tab, or by making a GET call from the API on a specific ID. This information includes:

  • Current and active connections that you own

  • Deleted connections that you once owned and their history

  • Current and active connections of your customers who have procured connections to a service you own and offer

  • Deleted connections from customers who have procured connections to a service you own and offer

  • Pending connection requests where some action is required by you

Within the components tab, you will see a breakout of many of the individual pieces that make up your overall solution. These records will include:

  • The component name (which corresponds with the name on your invoice, whether it's billed or not)

  • Other components that an individual record is associated with (such as a Connector indicating to which port and which RI it's connected)

  • Deleted and historical components, including those previously related to another

Within these records, the system will typically tell you things about each connection or component, such as:

  • The overall technical parameters that were entered

  • A history/timestamp of the creation and last change, and the username

  • The customer of record based on the account name

  • Current state

Users can view the port component for detailed utilization metrics on any port that is accessible or visible in their account or sub accounts. Utilization is the measurement of how much data or traffic is passing into or out of a given object (in this case, the physical port).


If there is an outage from the service providers side, there will be customer notifications to the linked email. Customers connected to any API-integrated Cloud Service Providers will receive more detail associated with errors resulting from provisioning connections from the Service Provider side.