Inter-Metro Connectivity

Equinix connects many of our ECX Fabrics together between metros. These connections are sometimes called remote connections. This fabric allows users to reach desired services and components as the user’s current assets even when those resources are not located in the same metro. This greatly increases the number of clouds, software, and other use cases that are possible—locally colocated assets in the same metro as the cloud provider assets are recommended, but not required.

This interconnected ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection is currently available in all North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA metros where ECX Fabric is available. The workflow to create connections to participating cloud providers in remote metro locations is very similar to that for connecting to local cloud providers.

The ECX Fabric platform is connected to the backbone in each metro via dual-home connections to two diverse routes using LAG ports with dynamic LACP for future scalability. The backbone routers run point-to-point level 2 IS-IS (with LFA and BFD enabled), MPLS LDP, and MP-iBGP protocols, resulting in a highly available fabric that is optimized for cloud access.

Any provider can opt to receive connections from remote metros by doing so in their service profile.


  • Each metro ECX Fabric platform is dual-homed to at least two different NSPs

  • Dual-homed ECX Fabric connections

  • Ports provisioned as LAG ports with dynamic LACP for scalability

  • Supports MP-eBGP, LDP/RSVP/FRR

  • Protocols to trigger cut-overs (ISIS-BFD and ISIS-LFA)

  • HA (failure of one BR will not disrupt inter-metro forwarding performance)

  • RR runs on 960 chassis

Any provider can opt to receive connections from remote metros in their service profile.