Deployment and Configuration Overview


Cloud Exchange Fabric (formerly known as Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX FabricClosedECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection)) is a cloud-based platform that provides direct and private connectivity between two participants in the ecosystem. Traditionally, this is between a buyerClosedA buyer is a user who connects to an available service through ECX. A buyer can be an enterprise end customer of the seller service or an aggregator, managed service provider, network service provider or system integrator company that bundles its service offerings with ECX. (an enterprise colocated in Equinix facilities, a network service provider or others) and a sellerClosedA seller is a user who makes their services available to end customers through ECX. This guide refers to sellers for shorthand, but ECX generally regards a “seller” as an activity rather than a static person. (a cloud provider, a software application or other services). However, the use cases, options and activities are not limited to this transaction.

ECX Fabric provides an alternative interconnection strategy to the public internet. The platform allows users of all kinds to provision connectivity between a source and destination in near real-time, including on-demand flexible options.

Intended Audience

The ECX Fabric deployment guide is intended for those who fill a variety of roles:

Accessing the Platform

ECX Fabric can be accessed with either the Cloud Exchange Portal (CXP) or an API to automate end-to-end service orchestration between sources and destinations. Provisioning of a connection is completed in near real-time (less than 5 minutes) from the time of order submission on CXP or via API.

For more information about the APIs, developer documentation, toolkit, sample code and developer environments, please visit – or contact your Equinix Account Manager and Equinix Solution Architect for details on how to participate in the Equinix Developer Program.