Creating Layer 3 Connections

A Layer 3 connection involves two sides peering with Equinix.  Once the two sides have peered,  Equinix imports/exports routes together in various methods, depending on the business rules and requirements of the user and provider.

Peering, BGPBorder Gateway Protocol. A standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information between autonomous systems on the internet, IP addressing and others are shared with Equinix rather than directly between user and provider. This allows Equinix to participate in managing and translating as needed.


Some providers require that your public IP addresses be registered directly to you, and can check resources such as IRR, ARIN, RIPE or others. If you are leasing addresses, your account structure does not actually reflect the registered end customer, or other considerations and you might encounter issues from the provider peering.

We recommend using our NAT service or reserving IP Blocks from us, if that is the case. All reserved addresses of Equinix are registered and permitted for use by third parties.

Once complete, the basic object structure will look like this:

The data flow will follow the guidance below, pictured with a secondary or redundant path to the same provider at left:

When NAT is used for any reason in a Layer 3 service, the data flow proceeds per below: