Create Connection to Verizon Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI)

ECX FabricECX Fabric is an advanced interconnection solution that improves performance by providing a direct, private network connection customers can now create a virtual connection to Verizon’s PIP network. This capability is currently available in 18 markets: Denver, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Seattle, Atlanta, Singapore, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Dallas and Ashburn.

Follow the work flow described in Connecting To Layer 2 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to connect to Verizon’s services.

Note: VZ (Verizon) offers, both Verizon-provided access (deliverable through the VZ PIP portal) and Customer-provided access (ordered through the ECX Fabric portal) to the VZ Private IP (PIP) network.

The steps below describe the connection process on the ECX Fabric portal:

  • Visit the VZ portal for VZ-provided access.
  • Choose Connect to a Service Provider and search for the Verizon service profile.

Note: Until Verizon accepts the connection, the status will be Not Provisioned.

Multi-VRF Configurations

  • VZ customers can connect to the PIP network in both Single and Multi-VRF configurations.
  • VZ SDI doesn’t support Multi-VRF through the Port Level Queuing. However,
    1. it is available through customer-ordered SDI (through the ECX Fabric portal) with either single (Dot1q) or double (QinQ) tagging.
    2. The Multi-VRF through Verizon-ordered SDI is only available for double (QinQ) tagging.

Note: Take note of the auto-generated Authentication KeyThe Authentication Key is a unique identifier authorizing Equinix to provision a connection towards the CSP. This Key usually contains alphanumeric characters. Note: to Equinix, an Authentication Key is a generic term and is not encrypted on ECX. Cloud Service Providers might use a different name to refer to the same key. For example: Azure ExpressRoute calls the authorization key the “service key” while AWS calls it the “account ID.” that’s found on the Success page when the connection is completed.  The Authentication Key is also listed in the Inventory section of the ECX Fabric portal.  This key is required to complete the connection in the Verizon PIP portal.

How to Enter the Connection Authorization Key and Location in the VZ PIP Portal