Have the ability to use the following:

Cloud Exchange Port

This type of port includes a cross connectA Cross Connect is a point-to-point cable link between two customers in the same Equinix IBXdata center. With cross connects customers receive a fast, convenient and affordable integration with business partners and service providers within the Equinix digital ecosystem. They also get highly reliable, extremely low-latency communication, system integration and data exchange cable from a customer cage to a Cloud Exchange port. Media types supported:

  • 1G SX multi-mode fiber. (Not available at all locations in EMEA and APAC.)

  • 1G LX single-mode fiber

  • 10 LR single-mode fiber

Connection Options

  • Connect to clouds within a metro and within a region. (The ability to connect to cloud providers within in a region is currently available in North America and Europe.)

  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 configuration options

  • Multiple connection speed options depending on the cloud provider

  • IP address management options

  • Unlimited port package available


Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari

Note: Internet Explorer and browsers not listed above are not currently supported on this portal.