About Equinix Connect

Important: Equinix Connect has been upgraded to make ordering your Internet Access Service faster and simpler. For information about ordering new connections, see Equinix Internet Access.

Equinix Connect supplies direct internet access for single or dual port connections from 1G to 10G (or 100G, available in select locations). Multiple large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are used at every location to ensure redundancy. Equinix Connect supports various protocols, including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), VRRP (static and direct), and Direct and Static routing. Primary or secondary access options are available, with single or dual port connections.

Equinix Connect routers are connected to local Equinix Internet Exchange (IX) switches that offer a shortcut to access local peers. This approach delivers optimal performance, which isn't typically provided by third-party ISPs.


Some important features of Equinix Connect are:

  • Flexible product configurations
  • Built-in redundancy and consistent low latency services
  • Scalable bandwidth with traffic bursting and usage-based billing
  • Guaranteed up-time with multi-homed configurations that carry a 99.99% availability SLA
  • Rich SaaS ecosystem available with highly localized access
  • Simplified management with one invoice, real-time bandwidth reporting, and support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Internet Access Types

Equinix Connect offers three types of internet access.

  • Primary internet service - Provides main internet access for IP transit needs: 

    • High bandwidth connection and optimized connections to local SaaS providers and major content destinations, including Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, and Dropbox

    • Two or more upstream Service Providers in each metro, ensuring redundancy

    • Flexible and scalable bandwidth plans, single- or dual-homed options, static or BGP routing choices, and additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • Secondary internet service - Supplies alternative or backup internet access to carrier-direct services:

    • Low bandwidth, redundant connection to manage and monitor your infrastructure

    • Second source of internet access to provide business continuity and failover, when your primary access is a non-Equinix source

    • Flexible and scalable bandwidth plans, single- or dual-homed options, static or BGP routing choices, and additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • Out-of-band management – Provides an alternate channel, separate from your primary internet access:

    • Alternate connectivity method to monitor and manage servers and networks in the data center

    • Helpful for initial setup of build configurations, and for ongoing support

    • Useful when primary internet access is not available or is not preferred

See the Equinix Connect data sheet for more specifications. In addition, see the Equinix Connect product and policy document for general guidance about the SLAs, acceptable use, and terms and conditions of doing business with Equinix.