About Digital Letters of Authorization (DiLOAs)

Equinix provides the capability to create an online Letter of Authorization (LOA) by using the Digital LOA Manager. Users can enter information online to generate an LOA quickly and accurately to distribute for efficient approval process.

As a result, an Equinix Digital Letter of Authorization (DiLOA) enables you to create secure and efficient authorization for your A-side partner to create a connection inside an IBX data center. A DiLOA is a digital document which replaces letters of authorization that were created manually. Users create DiLOAs by submitting an online form through the Digital LOA Manager.


Equinix DiLOA supports:

  • Direct access to a digital ecosystem of business partners and service providers

  • Reduced latency, to enhance performance and to accelerate provisioning

  • Simplified cable management, allowing you to flexibly customize your digital edge

  • Port reservations for the LOA request, which ensures that new connections are created without disturbing the ports that are already in use in the patch panels

  • LOA management through the Digital LOA Manager

Equinix also provides APIs in the Equinix Developer Platform to automate the DiLOA functions and features. For more information about DiLOAs, see the DiLOA data sheet.

Supported Products

Currently, DiLOA supports the Cross Connects ordering process.