Intra-Customer Cross Connects

Intra-Customer Cross Connects (ICCC) allows you to interconnect to your own non-contiguous equipment within the same Equinix IBX data center. This means that the A and Z locations are associated with the same customer.

To qualify for ICCC, your company must be recognized by Equinix as the same entity, including any of your affiliates, for the purpose of the Equinix Master Country Agreement administration.

Intra-Customer Cross Connects Bundle

An Intra-Customer Cross Connects (ICCC) bundle allows you to order a bundle of ICCCs to simplify configuration and management processes, as well as the time-consuming pre- and post-installation activities.

  • You must order a minimum of 12 circuits.

  • A single bundled ICCC can be used with one A-side cabinet and one Z-side cabinet.

  • A bundled ICCC of multiple product offerings can be ordered in the same quote.

  • You must order with the same customer or system name, account number, and Master Country Agreement (MCA).

  • Connections are allowed according to ICCC policy.