User Access

Users assigned to an organization automatically inherit access to organizations and projects nested under the given organization node. This applies to existing organizations and projects as well as future organizations and projects created under this organization. Changes in role assignments on a specific hierarchy level are also reflected in the underlying organizations and projects.

Joe has been assigned to the Moonshot International organization. Through inheritance, he can access all organizations and projects nested under the Moonshot International organization. Joe has also been explicitly assigned to the Nucleus project.

When an organization or project is moved under a new parent organization:

  • Users explicitly assigned to the organization or project will still be able to access it, and organizations and projects nested under it, after it's moved to a new target organization.

  • Users that inherited access to it from the current parent organization, will no longer be able to access the organization or project.

  • Users that have access to the new parent organization, by being explicitly assigned to it or through inheritance, will gain access to the organization or project being moved.

After moving the Germany project under the Moonshot Domestic organization, Jane inherited access to all nested organizations and projects. Joe is still able to access the Nucleus project because he has been explicitly assigned to it.