Billing Accounts

Billing accounts are used for invoicing purposes. Assign billing accounts to projects and organizations to make them available for users in products ordering workflows.

View Billing Accounts

The Billing Accounts page is used primarily by the Finance Admin users to manage billing accounts assignments to organizations and projects.

To access the Billing Accounts page:

  1. Log in to the Identity & Access Management portal.

  2. Click Billing.

Billing accounts statuses:

  • Not Ready – Billing account pending signature.

  • Pending – Billing account pending activation. You can assign it to projects and use it to place orders. Depending on the product, orders using a pending billing account can be processed immediately or once the billing account is validated and active. It takes 24-72 hours to activate a billing account.

  • Ready – Active billing account that you can assign to a project and use it in products ordering workflows.

Assign Billing Accounts

The Finance Admin user can assign billing accounts to organizations and projects in the hierarchy.

Important: Modifying billing accounts assignment won't affect the invoicing of the existing assets within the given organization or project. To change the billing account for existing assets you must open a support case.

To assign billing accounts:

  1. Log in to the Identity & Access Management portal as a Finance Admin user.

  2. Click Billing.

  3. Select an organization or a project:

    Click the Context Switcher drop-down list, select an organization or a project, then click Go.

  4. Click Assign Billing Account.

  5. Select the billing accounts and click Assign.


Billing accounts assigned to an organization are available in the organizations of the same type and projects nested under the given organization.

For more information, refer to Inheritance.