On-Demand – Billing by Use

The Virtual Data Center classified as pay-as-you-go is available for use by default. This allows you to quickly scale your environment in an interconnected manner with the Dedicated environment, through the EdgeGateways-Tierl, offering unlimited capabilities.

  • Equinix reserves the right to ensure the delivery of up to 50% of the contracted quota for the dedicated environment (vCPU, vRAM, vHD and Storage Tier I, II, III). Values beyond this limit may be provided upon interaction with Equinix support, subject to availability conditions on the respective date of use.

  • If you do not agree with the On-Demand Virtual Data Center use terms and conditions, it can be disabled through the Equinix Managed Services Portal.

Virtual machines created in this area will be charged by use, and the ticketing for On-Demand vCPU and vRAM capabilities begins when the virtual machine is turned on, and interrupted when the virtual machine is turned off.

The events Start Virtual machine and Stop Virtual Machine coincide with the Active Capability and Idle Capability status. On-Demand vCPU and vRAM capabilities only cause performance demands, and impact the Equinix Hybrid Cloud infrastructure when the virtual machine is on.

For On-Demand storage policies and quotas such as VHD (General Purpose) and Managed Storage Tier I, II and III; ticketing begins after the Instance-VM capability is created or when the data volume is created, and is interrupted after the capability is destroyed.

When the storage is attached to a virtual machine and it is on, the capability becomes active and ticketing will increase in value for time of use; when the virtual machine is turned off, the capability becomes semi-active and ticketing resumes its normal price for time of use (without extra charges). The events, Start Virtual Machine and Stop Virtual Machine coincide with the Active Capability and Semi-active Capability status.

Capabilities related to storage policies and quotas are never considered Idle Capabilities, since they impact the Equinix Hybrid Cloud infrastructure throughout their entire lifecycle.

Ticketing time considers an entire hour (1 hour) as a unit value, and fractions of an hour will be rounded to the next whole hour for billing purposes. Billing occur every 30 days, according to the following formula:

Billing amount = (Rounded Semi-active Capability Time * Semi-active capability cost per hour) + (Rounded Active Capability Time * Active capability cost per hour)

Variable Billing Use Management

Access the Global Managed Services Portal, open the Services menu and select Hybrid Cloud in Managed Your Services category.

On the dashboard, check the management possibilities in Consumption, Billing and Settings.

Consumption shows a detailed summary of capabilities used in the Equinix Hybrid Cloud product, with charts updated on an hourly basis.

Billing dashboard easily and conveniently shows fixed and variable costs of your Hybrid Cloud environment.

Enter an email address in Settings to receive warnings if variable consumption exceeds the established use threshold.