Reseller Impersonation

Reseller Impersonation Flow Video


The impersonation feature enables resellers to view the Precision Time portal and perform administrative tasks as their customer end users, also referred to as sub-accounts. Resellers can view, edit, and place orders on behalf of their customer sub-accounts.

Sign In and Manage Services as a Customer

  1. Sign into your reseller account for Equinix Precision Time.

  2. Under the Administration tab, choose View the Equinix Precision Time Portal as your customer.

    The View portal as your customer form is displayed.

  3. Choose a customer sub-account. Use the sort or filter functions as needed.

  4. Click Select. The Services dashboard for the selected customer is displayed.

  5. You can now use the Equinix Precision Time portal:

  6. Note: On behalf of your customer, you must review and accept the Agreements and Pricing Information terms and policies documents before submitting orders for new or modified Precision Time services.

    Any changes that you make to your customer's services take place immediately after you submit the order.

  7. To change to a different customer sub-account, click Change Customer on the top right side of the page.

    The View portal as your customer form is displayed. Choose another customer sub-account, and click Select.

  8. To exit your customer sub-accounts, click Stop on the top right side of the page.

    The Services dashboard for your reseller account is displayed.

When a customer sub-account's order is submitted successfully, email notification is sent to both the reseller and the sub-account user.