About the Customer Portal

Video – Customer Portal Overview

Using your computer or mobile device, the Equinix Customer Portal allows you to:

  • Place orders for data center products

  • Schedule services

  • Track order status

  • Run reports

  • View account information and invoices

  • Manage your users and services

  • Submit trouble tickets

  • Schedule a visit to an IBX

  • View your notifications

Get in touch with us to join the Equinix Customer Portal.

Equinix Customer Portal Mobile App

Video – Using the Mobile App

In the mobile app, you can perform many of the functions of the Customer Portal, including:

  • Check notifications

  • Submit a Smart Hands order

  • Submit a trouble ticket

  • View IBX addresses and operating hours

  • Schedule and track shipments to/from an IBX

  • Schedule work visits and conference rooms

  • Modify or reopen an order

  • Run selected reports

  • Check into an IBX

  • Manage IBX Access

  • Access your QR code

  • Give feedback to Equinix

Get the Equinix Customer Portal app on your mobile phone or tablet: