Schedule a Work Visit to an IBX

Video – Scheduling a Work Visit Ticket

Important: On-site policies are subject to change. For full policy information, refer to our Global IBX Policies.

If you need to access your space at the IBX, you can schedule a work visit at no cost. For example, work visits can be used to:

  • Allow a vendor to do maintenance work on your servers

  • Take readings from your servers

  • Install a camera or other equipment

During a work visit, Equinix staff can provide an escort to your space at no cost.

Note: If you need Equinix staff to provide supervision during the visit, or to provide access to your antenna/rooftop space, you must also submit a separate Smart Hands order for Cage/Roof Access Supervision Escort. To ensure that a staff member is available, we recommend that you schedule the Supervision/Escort order in advance.

Important: The use of recording equipment (photo, video, audio) is NOT allowed in the IBX without prior review and consent by Equinix. Equinix can take photos or recordings of your cage or equipment for you — submit a Smart Hands order for Request Photos. Or if you need consent to use your own recording equipment, explain the purpose of the photography/recording in the details of your visit request. For full policy information, refer to our Global IBX Policies.

To schedule a Work Visit:

  1. From the Orders and Tickets menu in the Customer Portal, select Work Visit.

  2. On the Work Visit screen, under Locations, select the IBX data center you want to visit.

    Once you select a location, the screen displays the location details (including the street address, hours of operation, and a link to a map of the surrounding area).

  3. Select the cage/suite and cabinet where the work will be performed (the cabinet is optional).

  4. Under Visitor(s), add the individual(s) who will attend the visit.

    Important: All attendees must show a government-issued photo ID to enter an IBX. For more information, see Visiting an IBX.

    Tip: For each visitor you added, you can click the arrow beside their name to view their permissions and account status.

  5. Under Work Visit Details / Work Visit Period, select the proposed Start Date and End Date for your visit (using the IBX's local time zone).

    Note: The maximum duration for a work visit is 14 days. If a longer visit is needed, contact your Customer Portal administrator to request permanent IBX data center access.

  6. (For IBXs in AMER or EMEA) Under Work Visit Details / Work Detail by Day:

    1. Enable the checkbox for each day you want to be on-site at the IBX.

      Once you select a day, a 24-hour timeline shows the available time slots that day (available times are shown in white; unavailable times and any times outside your specified start/end range are shown in gray).

    2. Click the hour(s) you want to be on-site each day. Your selected hours are shown in blue.

      Tip: To increase or decrease your reserved time, use your mouse to grab the edge of the blue shaded area and drag it left or right.

    3. Under Scope of Work, enter details about the work to be done that day.

    Note: If there are no available time slots on your chosen date, you can submit a Smart Hands order for an Equinix technician to perform the work for you (additional fees apply). Or if you have an urgent need to access the IBX during the unavailable time slots, contact the Global Service Desk (GSD).

  7. At no charge, Equinix staff can escort you to your space and open your private cage or secure cabinet for the visit. Under Open Cage or Cabinet Assistance, enable Allow Equinix to open cage or cabinet.

    Note: This option is only available if you selected a cabinet under the Locations section of the ticket.

  8. Under Additional Information and File Attachment:

    1. Use Additional Details to add any other information you want communicated to the IBX staff.

      Important: If you plan to take photos or videos during the visit, you must request permission first. State your detailed purpose under Additional Details. Equinix will review your request.

    2. Use Upload File(s) to add any relevant attachments to your request.

      Your attachments are sent to the IBX on-site staff.

  9. Enter Customer Reference Information. Many companies have an internal ticketing system to track issues or track items ordered from Equinix. This field provides a place to enter your internal reference information, such as P.O. numbers, ticket numbers, or descriptive text.

    Tip: This information can be searched for on the Orders and Tickets History screen, and will also appear on any related invoices.

  10. Under Add Contact Information, you are listed as the Ordering Contact and the Notification Contact. Optionally, you can add more Notification Contacts and/or a Technical Contact.

    • The Technical Contact and the Notification Contact can be the same person.

    • You can select multiple Notification Contacts, but only one Technical Contact.

    • Notification Contacts receive email notices about the status (and pricing, if applicable) of the ticket.

    • Technical Contacts do not receive booking or completion notifications.

    • To remove a Notification Contact from the ticket, click the .

  11. Read and acknowledge the Disclaimer statement and the IBX Visit Safety Rules & Precautions.

  12. Review the Work Visit Summary, then click Submit.

Important: Carefully read the IBX Visit Safety Rules & Precautions, and share this information with the other visitors listed on the ticket.