Visit an IBX

To schedule an on-site visit to an Equinix data center, there are several options under the Orders and Tickets menu in the Customer Portal:

These on-site services are offered at no cost to customers, employees, vendors, and resellers.

For detailed instructions, see:

Provided that there is a business purpose for the visit, you can qualify for access to an IBX in any of these ways:

  • Have a user account in the Customer Portal with access permissions for the IBX (assigned by an administrator).

  • Be included in a Work Visit or Data Center Tour request created by your company’s Customer Portal administrator.

  • Be an escorted guest of a Customer Portal user who has the Allow Guests permission for the IBX.

Important: On-site policies are subject to change based on COVID-19-related access restrictions. For full policy information, refer to our Global IBX Policies.

Permissions Needed

Tip: If you don’t have a Customer Portal account with the necessary permissions to arrange a visit, you can contact the Global Service Desk (GSD) to arrange the visit for you.

Your ability to schedule on-site visits in the Customer Portal is governed by the following permissions on the Administration and IBX Access Services Request screen:

The allowed actions at the IBX (once you arrive on-site) are governed by the following permissions on the IBX Data Center Access screen:

Note: Visitors must be 18 years of age or older, must be accompanied by the registered visitor, and must present a valid government-issued photo ID.

To see your current permissions in the Customer Portal:

  1. Under your user name, select My Profile:

  2. Click the Permissions tab.

  3. Verify that the Administration and IBX Access Services Request and/or IBX Data Center Access tiles say "Permissions Granted". (If you don't see these tiles, look under the Request Permissions section of the screen.)

  4. Click each tile to see your specific IBX permissions.

    Symbols on the Administration and IBX Access Services Request screen:

    Icon Meaning
    Full permission
    No permission
    Partial permission

Tip: If you don't have the permissions you need, contact your company's Customer Portal administrator, or see Permissions.