Equinix Status Page

This page shows the near real-time operational and outage-related status of Equinix network products and portals.

To access the status page, go to https://status.equinix.com.

This page consists of:

  • Top Navigation Bar – Provides access to historical data, subscription management, and user feedback options (History, Subscribe, and Give Feedback.)

  • Status Banner – Provides current operational status information.

    • Operational – When there are no active outages, this term displays with a green background.

    • Outage – When there is an ongoing outage in any metro, this term displays with a red banner and shows detailed information about the incident.

    • Degraded Performance – When performance is degraded in any metro, this term displays with an orange banner and shows detailed information about the incident. See the Degraded Performance Incidents section for more information.

  • Product Status Section – Provides access to each product's current status.

    • Filter Metros – Enables filtering of the product status section by typing the metro name or its abbreviation (such as NY or ZH.)

    • Status Indicators – Shows status, organized by product, then region, and then metro.

  • Degraded Performance Incidents List – Contains a list of degraded performance incidents. The list is collapsed by default.

Product Status

Within each product section, expand a region by clicking on it. This displays the metros within that region. Hover over an indicator in a metro to view more information. Click the region name or the minus sign to collapse the region again.