About IBX SmartView

IBX SmartView is a fully integrated DCIM software platform, with online tools that offer visibility into the real-time operations of your IBX.

SmartView gathers operational data from a variety of entities, such as building management systems (BMS) and power monitoring components. The gathered information provides insight into the operating conditions relevant to your IBX colocation footprint.

You can view the information in the IBX SmartView portal or retrieve it using the SmartView APIs.

Where available, SmartView is pre-integrated at the IBX — thereby reducing your time and cost of DCIM implementation and deployment to zero.


Video – Spotlight on SmartView

Main Features of SmartView

  • Trended AC circuit-specific power draw data

  • Near-real-time, trended temperature and humidity data

  • Relevant system alerts

  • Configurable custom alerts

  • Customizable and scheduled reports

  • Organization-wide access permissions


To see where SmartView is currently available, download the IBX SmartView Availability Map.

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What does IBX SmartView offer?

Correct! IBX SmartView offers real-time visibility into operating data relevant to your IBX data center footprint, and lets you monitor your infrastructure through online tools.

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