About IBX SmartView

PurposeIBX SmartView is a data center infrastructure monitoring (DCIM) software platform with online tools that offer visibility into operating data of your IBX in real-time.

IBX SmartView is a fully integrated data center infrastructure monitoring (DCIM) software platform. It bridges the gap between monitoring globally distributed infrastructure on-premises through total infrastructure operational visibility and real-time monitoring tools for the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers.

IBX SmartView sources operational data from a variety of entities such as building management systems (BMS) or power monitoring components. Gathered information provides an insight into operating conditions relevant to your IBX data center footprint. The information can be accessed over the IBX SmartView portal or retrieved using IBX SmartView APIs.


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What does IBX SmartView offer?

Correct! IBX SmartView offers real-time visibility into operating data relevant to your IBX data center footprint, and lets you monitor your infrastructure through online tools.

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