Custom Alerts

If you want to receive specific event notifications about the assets in your data center, you can enable custom alerts for various types of events. Recipients receive notifications when the specified alert conditions are met.

Unlike system alerts:

  • Custom alerts are defined by the customer.

  • Custom alerts can be defined for any of the data sections (Environmental, Power Draw, Mechanical, Electrical).

  • Equinix is not notified when your custom alerts are activated.

Video – Smart View Custom Alerts

After you configure a custom alert, it activates when the triggering event condition becomes true. For example, you can set custom alerts for any of the following conditions:

  • Temperature in any cabinet exceeds 74 degrees

  • Power draw in your cage exceeds 90% of draw cap

  • Resiliency status of the cooling plant changes to Reduced Resiliency (Fault)

  • Generators are running in emergency service