Secure Cabinet With kVA-Based Power

This is our build-to-suit customized cabinet. Backed by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA), this product allows you to connect between, among, and through the largest networks.

This product allows you to license and power one or more cabinets in a shared IBX environment. The cabinet(s) and power are billed based on the quantity of CabE and kVA allocated to you.

Tip: This product is best suited for users with customization needs. For standard business-ready cabinets, see Secure Cabinet Express. For higher levels of customization, see Secure Cabinet - Using Customer-Provided Cabinet.

Tip: To see information about your existing Secure Cabinet deployments, refer to View Your Colo Assets in the Portal. To make changes to your cabinet deployment, see Modify Your Colocation Deployment.

Note: Equinix performs all installations of cabinets and power circuits.