Power is delivered to cabinets through redundant pairs of AC circuits. A contractual limit, referred to as a Draw Cap, is placed on the total amount of customer load that can be drawn across all circuits in a single deployment at any one time. The Draw Cap is measured in kVA.

Equinix supports customer load up to the Draw Cap kVA, irrespective of customer power factor. Power factor is the ratio of useful or true power (kW) to the total apparent power (kVA) in an electrical circuit, and it is a function of the equipment installed by the customer.

Pairs of power circuits are available in each country. The size of circuits is based on the expected power draw and usage for a cabinet, and varies by cabinet rating in different geographical locations. A standard socket / receptacle denoting their demarcation point is installed for each circuit.

The maximum allowable draw on any one circuit equals the Circuit-Usable kVA, which varies by region:

Region Maximum Allowable Draw (in amps)


80% of the size of the circuit


100% of the size of the circuit


80% of the size of the circuit (for 120/208V circuits)

100% of the size of the circuit (for 240/415V circuits)

For more information, see AC Circuits.