To improve your overall billing experience, our billing functionalities include the following enhancements.

Customer Charges on Reseller Invoices

For Resellers, charges are grouped and totaled to differentiate between your charges and your customers’ charges. This helps you reconcile your invoice faster, and allows you to bill your customers more easily.

  • If you already have a preferred grouping established, the grouping will continue to be shown as requested.

  • If not, you will see the default grouping as shown:

  • To further customize your group, you can request it by sending email to

    Note: To request group customizations, you must include your Account Number in the subject.

This feature is available on all invoice formats (PDF, Excel, and Billing API) that are available on Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). The PDF is also emailed to you.

For billing access and permissions on ECP, contact your Equinix Portal Master Administrator.

Additional Details on the Excel Invoice

We provide greater invoice clarity with simpler product information and asset location, through additional data fields on the Excel download of the invoice. The Excel download also increases visibility into the timing, amount, and expectations for price increases.

To see the additional data fields, download your Excel invoice from ECP.

Instant Invoice Details Through Billing API

Our Billing API, built according to industry standard architecture, can be used to load your invoice details directly into your Accounts Payable system. This API offers convenience to see and manipulate your data as desired. To get started:

  1. Request your Equinix Portal Master Administrator for developer access to Equinix Developer Platform.

  2. Generate a Consumer key and Consumer secret.

  3. Follow the API Authorization flow procedure.

  4. Follow the API Request flow procedure.

Note: You will need access to the Equinix Customer Portal to access the Billing API.

For questions on our Billing API, contact Equinix API Support.

To learn more about our billing features, contact us here.