Billing includes tools that simplifies financial tasks, offers pricing transparency, and puts you in control of your financial operations, ensuring that you can navigate the financial aspects of our platform with ease. The Billing section is our user guide covers Billing History, Purchase Order Management, Billing Account Creation and Management, and provides Pricing and Billing terms and information about our product offerings.

Getting Started

Billing History can be accessed from the Customer Portal. Use Billing History to view or download charges and payments for your Equinix IBX data center deployments. Billing History provides a high-level summary of all your billing account transactions (invoices, credit memos, and payments) for the past 12 months.

New Users

New users must create an account on the portal. To create an account, contact your company's portal administrator, Equinix representative, or the Global Service Desk.

Existing Users

Existing users can access Billing History through the Customer Portal:

  1. Log into the portal.

  2. Enter your user name and password, then click Sign In.

  3. Click on the left navigation pane. Select Billing History.

Pop Quiz

Invoice data is available in which formats?

Correct! In ECP, you can download invoices in PDF format or Excel spreadsheet format. You can also set up the Billing API to import the raw data directly into your accounting system.

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