Key Specifications

Billable Services

Each Network Edge Instance includes several services that will appear on your invoice. Some of these services are adjustable:

  • Edge Instance – the compute, memory and storage resources needed to run the devices

  • Virtual ECX Fabric Port – every device and Network Edge Instance comes ready to connect to the ECX platform. Since there is no need for a physical presence, the virtual port serves as the access to that service

  • Edge Instance Minimum Bandwidth – a small allocation of public Internet throughput is included with each instance of Network Edge, based on the Equinix Connect service. This bandwidth can be used for management access to your devices and to pass traffic back and forth from your private environment to the device using VPN tunnels or IPSec. It allows outbound initiated connections and is resizable up to the throughput of your device.

  • Edge Instance IP Addressing – a small quantity of IP Addresses is included to allocate to other services you may use over the life cycle of your Network Edge Instance. This will be adjustable in the future

Other than the Network Edge Instance, you will deploy devices that are virtual images of vendor-branded services such as a router or a firewall. You can subscribe to a chosen device (subscription) to enable the license immediately or bring your own license (BYOLBring Your Own License (BYOL) means that you’ve already procured a license from the vendor and will enter it into the NE portal to activate the device. There are no charges associated with this license type since your licensing arrangement is directly with the vendor.) from an existing arrangement you have with the software vendor. If you bring your own license, there is no additional charge. If you subscribe to a license, Equinix works with the vendor to pay these costs upfront, then passes those charges on to the customer. Pricing will vary depending on which device you have deployed.

Note: That not all vendors and devices include or allow a subscription.

Finally, on top of the devices, users select and deploy connections and other services. Connections will typically be charged as part of the ECX Fabric product. Most services are free, but some may incur a charge. The portal will indicate if there is an incremental charge for the service. Services include VPN Tunnels, High Availability, additional Internet bandwidth, and others. Several config customizations may be required depending on the services selected.

Infrastructure and Architecture


Connectivity Options

High Availability, Redundancy, Diversity

Regional Specifics and Roadmap

The NE Customer

The typical NE customer is an enterprise who requires an edge presence and desires Carrier & Cloud Neutrality. The Network Edge purchasing decision is often bundled within a larger technology project budget that’s typically driven by digital transformation.

Network Engineers, IP Transport Engineers, NOCNetwork Operations Center departments may all be in a position to order, configure and manage NE devices.

Use Cases


Equinix Network EdgeEquinix Network Edge is the latest offer in our interconnection portfolio and represents a significant leap in a customer's ability to deploy and manage network in a rapid on-demand way includes the following priced elements. You’ll see these items on your invoice:

  • Network Edge Instance (required)–MRC (and possibly NRC) dependent upon the device you are deploying and its resource requirements ranging from small to extra-large

  • Edge Device License -- a Network Edge Device will always be listed on your invoice. There will only be a charge for the Edge Device License if you have a subscription license that Equinix is managing on your behalf (Sub). This is required if you do not provide your own license from the vendor.

Depending on what you'll connect the Virtual DeviceThe Virtual Device is the software "image" that launches on the ENE platform when a user selects a device. The device could be a router, firewall or other types. This image is generally specific to a vendor (for example: Cisco) and specific device ID that the vendor has integrated with our platform. From this Virtual Device, you can create connections like you would from a port on ECX. to, additional charges will apply from the other Interconnection products used.

For example, if you created a connection from your virtual device to AWS through the cloud exchange, normal pricing would apply for the ECX Fabric. The Equinix pricing guide has further details.

A complete solution may include:

Network Edge Example Itemization

Invoice Item


Network Edge Instance

The virtual equivalent of the cabinet you'd lease inside a Data Center. It provides the compute, storage, virtual port, internet access and IP Addressing needed to get started

Network Edge Device: License

This item is on the invoice, but is only charged if Equinix provides the license (aka Subscription)

Network Edge Instance - Additional Bandwidth

This item displays if you order more bandwidth than the minimum that's included in the instance

Network Edge Instance - Additional IP Allocation

We can lease additional public IP Address space for an additional fee.

ECX Virtual Connections

Pricing is per standard ECX rates and rules

Please confirm pricing either online or with your account representative. If you have an account or create one, you can build a sample device with desired settings and save it before you buy – as well as print a summary of the proposed charges.

Quote and Order Processes


For on boarding & support questions that aren’t addressed in this document, please reach out to an Equinix representative or Network-Edge-Support@equinix.com

Trial Program Support

Email support is available for NE users via this address: network-edge-support@equinix.com.

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